Adam Jones is an idiosyncratically British brand full of nostalgia for our country’s past, celebrating the humour in the history of this land, embracing our tag of Broken Britain, the eccentric and the mundane, the kitsch and the kinky, championing what we had and what we have.

Garments are designed and made in London using vintage found materials, forgotten in time but brought back to life. Classic everyday staples are up-cycled from remnants of our country’s rich past in textile manufacturing, bar towels from the pub, tea towels from the kitchen, vintage blankets from the bedroom and other cloth taken predominantly from the 1970’s and 80’s, clashing the comfort of the home with the chaos of the boozer. The clashing of these two interiors where we spent most of our time during these decades is integral to the design philosophy, the domestic and the dingy. Memories and motifs of simpler times in these spaces are collaged into a contemporary new look fit for any gender and any age, it’s a new kind of luxury, made from treasures from times past but fit for the postmodern world of today.

The garments are inspired by the everyday but elevated, these forgotten fabrications are patchworked together in that DIY ethos of the punks, but equally that of the Women’s institute, it is exactly that contradiction which is so integral to the spirit of the brand, there’s humour and warmth, yet anarchy and aggression, both side by side,striking a perfect balance between the two in one look, it’s a collage of our surroundings, the people and places past and present. The assemblage of references is a nostalgic trip for those old enough to remember yet fresh to those who don’t, these clothes really are for everyone, there’s a familiarity here, but it feels new, comforting but contemporary.